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This is the web's biggest English language guide featuring the region of Galicia in green Spain. It offers tourist, holiday and general interest information about Galicia's provinces, cities, towns, history, monuments, culture, festivals, beaches, heritage and hotels. In short it should provide you with all the information required to plan and arrange a Galician vacation or, alternatively, simply to explore Galicia The spectacular cathedral at Santiago de Compostela in Galicia on-line. There is also a property in Galicia section if you are considering buying a casa (house) or villa there. New and updated information is added on a continual basis, so please call back and see us again. contains over 580 pages and more than 3000 photographs describing and depicting Galicia Spain, and offering our views and opinions on the places and attractions that it has to offer.
Right, Santiago de Compostela cathedral, the region's most famous example of architectural heritage.

Galicia Guide has detailed sections covering the provinces and cities of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, la Coruna, Pontevedra and Ourense, plus further pages about the cities of Vigo, Tui, Ferrol and neighbouring region Asturias. We also have a large section covering the Way of Saint James or Camino de Santiago which includes a full stage by stage guide to the French Way.

Click on the Galician Towns button in the main left menu to read guides about over 60 different towns, village and places to visit in this beautiful part of green Spain.
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Part of Galicia's tourist appeal is of course its many historic towns and villages and Lighthouse in Muxia, Galicia we offer comprehensive descriptions of many of these localities including Noia, Muros, Ribeira, Rianxo, Tui, Padron, A Pobra do Caraminal, Porto do Son and many more. All these towns can be accessed from the Galician Towns button.

You will also find information about Galicia's architecture, cuisine, culture and beaches, plus holiday planning resources that will enable you to organise and book everything from your hotels, villas and flights through to your car rental. There are also pages offering details of tour companies and property purchase contacts. The main body of the guide is however dedicated to sightseeing attractions and as you will see Galicia has a lot to offer.

Where is Galicia

Galicia is situated on the North West coast of Green Spain, just above Portugal, making it a geographically, scenically and culturally different to many of Spain's better known southern provinces. It has a warm but temperate climate and a lush landscape with mountain ranges, rivers and a non stop supply of stunning and often near deserted beaches.

Galicia's two international airports are located in la Coruna and Santiago de Compostela and getting to the region has never been easier, at least from the UK. If you want to discover more, then explore this site using the navigation menus to select the places and topics that interest you. Remember, there are almost 400 pages describing Galicia on this site, so you should find what you are looking for.

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If you want to find out about a particular town’s fiestas (festivals), beaches, museums, landmarks, civic or religious buildings, you need to go to the town or city guide in question. From there you will be able to access timetables, locations and descriptions for that specific locality. Some of these towns have their own separate multi page guide.
Above/right, a medieval castle perched on a hill top.

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We add new content every week with the intention of giving you the best idea possible of what you can expect to find and do if you are considering visiting this part of green Spain. You will also find the guide useful if you are thinking about buying a holiday home in Galicia, or moving to the area permanently.

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